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Our donations to St. Catherine's Hospice, Crawley

Kate's Trust has given £59,000 over 4 years to the Community Nursing Service. Today, this St. Catherine's Service supports over 500 patients and their families at home at any one time. In 2003, when Kate died, we knew of no available home nursing in Mid-Sussex. In 2005, St. Catherine's had two community nurses.


KATE’S FAIR 2006 RAISES over £11,000!

The biennial gift and craft fair, Kate’s Fair, was held on 28th October at Great Walstead School, Lindfield, West Sussex and was attended by over 400 people. The event was an outstanding success and in excess of £11,000 was raised on the day, which is a fantastic achievement. This money will go a long way to providing support for cancer sufferers and their families in the local area.


£10,000 DONATION

£10,000 was donated to St Catherine Hospice Specialist Community Nursing Team which provides invaluable medical and emotional care to cancer patients and their families in the community in the Mid Sussex area. This huge donation was made possible by a number of fundraising events:

  • Sponsored 10km run
  • Classical concert at Firle Place in Sussex
  • Making and selling scented candles
  • Charity tennis tournament
  • Rounders tournament with 250 people on Barnes common in London
  • Friends selling clothes
  • Charity punk rock ‘Battle of the Bands’
Group Cheque



An amazing 250 people came along to the 2nd annual Kate’s Trust rounders tournament on Barnes common in London on 22nd July and battled it out.