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Kate Hackett was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2002 and started the long journey of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. After a mastectomy in March 2003, life was getting back to normal until Kate and her family received the devastating news that the cancer had come back, this time in the form of several brain tumours. Unfortunately, the tumours could not be treated and Kate died three months later.


Throughout her illness, Kate and her family were so grateful for the medical treatment provided by all the doctors and nurses of the NHS and the hospice. However, there were times when they felt so alone, not knowing what was going to happen next, and fearing the worst was around the corner.


As the effects of cancer are so different in each person, Kate’s family never knew what to expect - whether that cough was a signal that the end was near, or the relentless tiredness was due to the medication or something more sinister.


They found this lack of knowledge of the road ahead caused them great fear in an already terrifying time, and realised that this was an area for which little help and support is available.


Kate Hackett


After Kate died, her family and friends wanted to use their experience to help others facing the fears of cancer, and celebrate the life of an extraordinary woman who touched so many lives, so deeply. So, in June 2004, Kate’s Trust was formed as the first step in supporting cancer sufferers and their families on their ‘cancer journey’.